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Welcome to the website for the Edinburgh Tram Inquiry into the Edinburgh Trams project. This inquiry aims to establish why the Edinburgh Trams project incurred delays, cost more than originally budgeted and through reductions in scope delivered significantly less than projected.

The website provides details of the work of the Inquiry, the processes and procedures involved, and access to to the relevant documents.

UPDATE (12th February 2019)
In a recent news article considering the business case for the Newhaven tram extension, it was stated the Tram Inquiry has engaged with the City of Edinburgh Council to make sure it ‘can cover every eventuality’. For the avoidance of doubt, the Edinburgh Tram Inquiry has had no discussions with the City of Edinburgh Council about the tram extension, or any eventuality in relation to it, as the tram extension does not fall within the Inquiry’s Terms of Reference.

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