Public Hearing

The Edinburgh Tram Inquiry Public Hearing begins on 5th September 2017. For more information when attending the Public Hearing please refer to the Guidance Notes section under Procedures and Guidance.

Throughout the Public Hearing, and in the evidence published on this site, a large number of acronyms, instances of specialist terminology and fact specific references have been used.  To aid understanding of these terms the Inquiry team have prepared the following Glossary document.  It is a Portable Document Format (PDF) file that contains a number of internal links between related entries and is fully searchable.  You may use any PDF reader application to open the file but please note that full functionality has been tested only with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and Adobe Reader XI.

Below you will find different routes into the witness and documentary evidence presented during the Public Hearing.  Each section contains guidance on searching for relevant content.


The Timetable shows the date and order in which each witness was called to give evidence. Each record provides links to the transcript of the day’s hearing, the relevant witness statements, and to a tool that can be used to search for any supportingdocuments disclosed for the hearings.


The Witness List provides links to the transcripts of the witnesses’ evidence and other relevant documents.


The Documents section provides a search facility for documents that were disclosed during the evidence.


The Transcript section lists the complete daily transcripts from the Public Hearing.  The transcripts applicable only to individual witnesses can be found within the witnesses records, accessible via the Witness List.