After each hearing a large number of documents will be published on this site. Each document falls into one of the following three categories:

(i) Witness Statements – normally one document with the main statement for each witness, as well as supplementary statements

(ii) Hearing Transcripts – normally one document that covers the day’s hearing, as well as document(s) for each witness

(iii) Supporting Documents – these include any documents cited (see below) in the witness statements and the hearing transcripts,  and any other documents used during the hearing that are deemed appropriate to be released to the public.  Often these documents relate to several witnesses.

To view those documents you will need to take note of the relevant alphanumeric  document reference (3 letters followed by 5 or 8 digits, for example ADS12345, CEC12345678, etc.) and enter it in the Documents Search facility on this page. You can search for document name, reference number, witness name or document content, and you can refine your search using the drop-down options.  Note that due to web publishing constraints, the supporting documents title field contains their document reference only.  However, for ease of reference, we have created the two reference files linked below which include the published evidence documents’ descriptions. You may open either file and use the file’s “Find” command to search for  alphanumeric document reference(s) and/or key words in the document description.

Spreadsheet (.xlsx) File – you can open it using Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet application such as Kingsoft Spreadsheets, OpenOffice Calc, Google Docs, etc., most are free.

Portable Document Format (.pdf) File – you can open it either in your Internet browser or in Adobe Reader and any other PDF application, most are free.

Although every effort has been made to minimise document file size some documents remain rather large. For a better web experience it has been necessary to split the larger documents into several parts of smaller file size.  In such instances the document titles have been appended with the part number.


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Title: Edinburgh Tram Inquiry – Report – Signed

Hearing date: 18th September 2023

Title: WED00000144

Hearing date: 2nd May 2023

Title: WED00000143

Hearing date: 2nd May 2023

Title: WED00000660

Hearing date: 2nd May 2023

Title: WED00000659

Hearing date: 2nd May 2023

Title: WED00000155

Hearing date: 2nd May 2023

Title: WED00000154

Hearing date: 2nd May 2023

Title: WED00000153

Hearing date: 2nd May 2023

Title: WED00000152

Hearing date: 2nd May 2023

Title: WED00000151

Hearing date: 2nd May 2023