Public Evidence

On 12 May 2015, The Rt. Honourable The Lord Hardie, Chairman of the Edinburgh Tram Inquiry formally invited members of the public to submit written evidence to the Inquiry. The public also had an opportunity to have their say on the list of issues and to suggest other issues for consideration by the Inquiry.

The online survey developed to collect the Evidence and Issues was closed on 4 August 2015.


The responses to the Call for Evidence are published below.


In response to the Call for Issues in October 2015, the Inquiry Team developed and published an Analysis of Responses (updated August 2018) and an updated List of Issues to be investigated.


Statements by members of the public

Click on the document reference (TRIxxxxxxxx) below to access the required statement.  All documents are in PDF format and searchable.

Apter, Michael TRI00000073
Braddock, AndrewTRI00000074
Brown, DavidTRI00000075
Carson, JohnTRI00000247
Drysdale, RobertTRI00000076
Dunlop, PeterTRI00000077
Hay, StuartTRI00000078
Kay, JohnTRI00000079
MacKenzie, ColinTRI00000080
Mitchell, DavidTRI00000081
Steedman, RichardTRI00000082
Woodward, ColinTRI00000083


Responses to the  Call for Evidence

Click on the document reference (CZSxxxxxxxx) below to access the required statement.  All documents are in PDF format and searchable.

Amos, Kimberley- CZS00000031
Arnot, A- CZS00000085
Aspidistra Ltd- CZS00000061
Aspidistra Ltd- CZS00000075
Auditor General for Scotland (AGS) & The Accounts Commission- CZS00000053
Auditor General for Scotland (AGS) & The Accounts Commission- CZS00000054
Bourne, Alison- CZS00000003
Bourne, Alison- CZS00000071
Bourne, Richard- CZS00000080
Brown, Iain- CZS00000067
Bruce, Yvonne- CZS00000034
Clarkson, Donald- CZS00000007
Craig, David- CZS00000024
Craig, David- CZS00000025
de Wit, Riika- CZS00000033
Ditchburn, Ted- CZS00000016
Ditchburn, Ted- CZS00000017
Ditchburn, Ted- CZS00000018
Ditchburn, Ted- CZS00000020
Ditchburn, Ted- CZS00000021
Ditchburn, Ted- CZS00000022
Drysdale, Robert- CZS00000014
Dunlop, Peter- CZS00000002
Frame, Barbara- CZS00000009
Frame, Barbara- CZS00000010
Frame, Barbara- CZS00000011
Frame, Barbara- CZS00000048
Frame, Barbara- CZS00000049
Frame, Barbara- CZS00000050
Goodall, Andrew- CZS00000069
Gregson, Peter- CZS00000070
Gregson, Peter- CZS00000076
Gregson, Peter- CZS00000077
Gregson, Peter- CZS00000078
Herbert, William- CZS00000038
Herbert, William- CZS00000039
Herbert, William- CZS00000040
Herbert, William- CZS00000041
Herbert, William- CZS00000042
Herbert, William- CZS00000043
Herbert, William- CZS00000044
Herbert, William- CZS00000045
Hi-Fi Corner (Edinburgh) Ltd- CZS00000063
Hi-Fi Corner (Edinburgh) Ltd- CZS00000064
Hunter, Ann- CZS00000001
Jack, Antony- CZS00000079
Kay, John- CZS00000019
Kay, John- CZS00000055
Kay, John- CZS00000056
Kay, John- CZS00000057
Kay, John- CZS00000081
Leckie, Stuart- CZS00000015
Leith Central Community Council- CZS00000065
Light Rail Transit Association- CZS00000036
Light Rail Transit Association- CZS00000037
Living Streets Scotland- CZS00000046
Living Streets Scotland- CZS00000047
Macnab, David- CZS00000023
Macpherson (Scotland) Ltd- CZS00000013
Marshall, Sandra- CZS00000032
Mcgregor, Ailsa- CZS00000012
Moray Feu Residents Association- CZS00000051
Moray Feu Residents Association- CZS00000052
Paterson, Antonia- CZS00000026
Renfrew, Alan- CZS00000035
Renfrew, Alan- CZS00000072
Sharman, Ian- CZS00000027
Sharman, Ian- CZS00000028
Sharman, Ian- CZS00000029
SPOKES The Lothian Cycle Campaign- CZS00000004
SPOKES The Lothian Cycle Campaign- CZS00000005
SPOKES The Lothian Cycle Campaign- CZS00000006
Steedman & Company Ltd- CZS00000066
Steele, David- CZS00000008
Thomas, Jim- CZS00000082
Thomson, Douglas- CZS00000083
Trampower- CZS00000086
Wilson, John- CZS00000059
Wilson, John- CZS00000060
Wilson, John- CZS00000062
World of Gas Ltd- CZS00000030