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The Timetable will be updated approximately two weeks in advance of the expected attendance of any witness, and it should be treated as the best current estimate of their expected attendance, and will be subject to change. Where a published timetable is subject to change, the Inquiry will give as much notification of such change as is practicable.

After each hearing, a large number of supporting documents will be published on this site. Often these documents relate to several witnesses. To access these documents you will need to take note of the relevant alphanumeric document reference (3 letters followed by 5 or 8 digits, e.g. ADS12345, CEC12345678, etc.) from the witness statements and the transcripts of hearings, and use those references to search the Documents section of this site.

Hearing: Friday, 13th October 2017

Witness: Jason Chandler

Session: morning

Transcript of hearing: Click here to view

Witness statement: Click here to view

Supporting documents: Click here to view. Please have the document reference(s) ready.